No Lesson This Week

CADETS FALL IN! Due to the Terran holiday this week and the imminent release of new ships the fleets of both our Illustrious Empire and the vile Rebellion there will not be a lesson this week.  Take this time to celebrate with friends and family, as well as get some extra practice in the simulators. […]

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What is our Objective?

Cadets, FALL IN! Today we will be learning about objective selection for our forces.  This will be a direct lead in to our Fleet Building lesson next week.  Players are required to take an Assault Objective, Defensive Objective, and a Navigation Objective.  We will be breaking down each type objective by type and discussing them […]

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Lesson 4 – Squadrons

Cadets! Fall In! You will be learning about the Squadron Command.  Issuing a Squadron Command lets you immediately activate a number of squadrons equal to your ships squadron value.  If you delay the order (take a token) to use for a later point in the battle you may activate 1 squadron.  Squadrons activated via a […]

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Lesson 3 – Concentrate Fire

Cadets! Fall In! As we move in to our third lecture on how to command your fleet I hope your time spent in the training sims has been well used.  Today we discuss the third command you can issue to your fleet, Concentrate Fire.  Issuing this command bolsters your attack, opposite of last weeks lesson […]

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