Fleet Fine Tuning

CADETS! FALL IN! Today we will go over a brief exercise in fine tuning a Fleet.  The Fleet I posted back in the Fleet Building lesson was played.  It worked well and I barely lost that battle.  After playing it I have decided to make some changes. The Fleet was: ISD2 – Motti, Boosted Comms, […]

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Shaping the Battlefield

CADETS! FALL IN! This weeks lesson will be somewhat brief but none the less important.  We will be discussing how to prepare an area for battle. To start, the second player places the first obstruction.  Players then alternate doing this and keep obstructions at least band 1 from each other, and band 5 from any […]

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Assemble Your Fleet

CADETS! FALL IN! Today we will discuss fleet building.  With our latest reinforcements we can increase and bolster our fleets even more (to 400pts).  These will be some of the general concepts behind building a well balanced fleet as well as some of the ways we can skew to risk it all in the name […]

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