Shaping the Battlefield


This weeks lesson will be somewhat brief but none the less important.  We will be discussing how to prepare an area for battle.

To start, the second player places the first obstruction.  Players then alternate doing this and keep obstructions at least band 1 from each other, and band 5 from any board edge.  Some objectives may denote other obstruction deployment, we will cover those later.  For now we will start with your basic obstruction deployment.

Since the second player starts he will set the pace.  Typically they take the Space station due to its size.  It either gets placed along there trajectory or some where completely out of play.  The goal is to either repair your conga-line of ships as they move and take damage, or make sure your opponent can not repair without being out of position.

The next player can get to place some objectives.  Usually if the Space Station is clearly being laid out to be in a ships path you try to surround it with asteroids.  Make it as dangerous as possible for your opponent to get to.  If the space station is off in a corner some where, put your obstruction down somewhere to try and get your opponent to move in a way you want them too.  Place it so that they will have to go around it and maybe if they go around it they go too far to one side so that forces them to cut towards the middle of the table.  The more you play the more of a feel you will get for it.

Players then just keep alternating.  The goals here are really simple.  try and make an area of space that is a no fly zone.  You want to do this and then try and let it be your opponents only avenue of escape.  We almost caught that pesky Han Solo that way in the Hoth system.  You can take away a relatively large amount of real estate with proper placements.  Also I like to try and place as many of the asteroids as I can.  They are very devastating to ships.  being able to really place these in a way that punishes your opponent for going near that station really helps you.

The special instances are minefields and contested outpost.  Contested Outpost is kind of self explanatory.  Minefields is the tricky one.  What I like to do is set up in a horizontal line.  Roughly band 3.5 to 4 from my opponents deployment edge.  Then place obstructions 5 away from each other in a line.  After that the Mines get placed between the obstructions.  This means that if my opponent moves straight out of their deployment they are taking automatic damage.  If they decide to move in to the side of the tables where their is no terrain and what not, then their route of escape is narrow and I can deploy in a way to trap them there.  The other way to deploy the mines is vertically.  Do the same as horizontal but  deploy in a vertical fashion and cut the engagement area down by half.  It makes the escape route very dangerous and forces opponents to engage you head on.  Both good things if your Fleet can take advantage of it.

That is all for this weeks lesson, now move the ship out of the Asteroid field so we can get a better signal.



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