Fleet Fine Tuning


Today we will go over a brief exercise in fine tuning a Fleet.  The Fleet I posted back in the Fleet Building lesson was played.  It worked well and I barely lost that battle.  After playing it I have decided to make some changes.

The Fleet was:
ISD2 – Motti, Boosted Comms, Flight Controllers
ISD2 – Boosted Comms, Flight Controllers
2x firespray
6x TIE Fighters

After the battle and some discussion with my peers it was determined that I need to boost the damage output of my Capital ships more.

Here is what we came up with:
ISD2 – Motti, Boosted Comms, Flight Controllers, SW-7 ION Batteries, XI7 Turbolasers
ISD2 – Boosted Comms, Flight Controllers, SW-7 ION Batteries, XI7 Turbolasers
2x firespray
5x TIE Fighters

The list is 398pts so if I want I can add Captain Needa to Motti’s ship.

Why the changes?  Well, the SW-7 is automatic damage on blue dice.  The XI-7s reduce the number of accuracy results you need to to maximize your damage so it synergies well with the SW-7s.  Increasing ship damage output was the main goal behind these changes.  These feel like the most cost effective way to do this and I may not even need the SW-7s.  We will see.

Howlrunner is easier to get rid of than the Flight Controllers plus she is more points.  It pained me to cut out Howlrunner as she has been in every Fleet I have built since the core set but it was time.  I got rid of 1 TIE fighter as well.  This gives me 8 Squadrons so I will not need to use the Firesprays Rogue ability.  Howlrunner and Flight Controllers is really awesome.  Adding 2 dice to your squadron dice is really good.  It has always felt like overkill and while points get tighter it was time for me to part ways.  I am sure she will make a return in the future but for now she has earned a vacation.

I am really happy with these changes and excited to test it out in preparation for the upcoming store championships.



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