3/26/2016 – Tournament Report


Today I come back from the front with news of Victory and a first round Regional Bye for the Imperials.

The List (400pts):

ISD2 – Motti, SW-7s, XI-7s, Boosted Comms, Flight Controllers, Support Officer
ISD1 – Boosted Comms, Support Officer, XI-7s
5x TIE Interceptor
Major Rhymer

Advanced Gunnery, Contested Outpost, Minefields

A brief run down.  The ISD1 is the leading ship, it tries to get in and bump a big ship of my opponents.  I try and set the station in a position where I can end on it and bump, taking no damage during my bumps. The ISD2 is more central to the board and Flanks in on the ship I am bumping to focus it down, or goes after some of the lighter ships at longer ranges.  Support Officers let me adjust my command stack based on how my squadrons are holding up.  This way I do not have to anticipate when they are dead and switch the ISD1 commands.  The list lacks re-rolls which can be an issue and I have changed it so that it has 1 TIE fighter in place of 1 TIE Interceptor and Leading shots on both ships.  Speaking of Squadrons, with Howlrunner and Flight Controllers the TIE Interceptors get 6 blue dice on the attack.  With Dengar and Howlrunner they sit at Counter 4 and OH YEA they have swarm for a re-roll.  This list has matured quite a bit over the last few months and this was the first time I ran it but was very happy with where it was in the dojo.

Round 1 – I got a bye….. 1 down 2 to go as you say.  I was nervous the bye would hurt my MoV placing, especially when some of the scores from Round 1 were coming in.

Round 2 – Jerry’s Double MC-80 Salvation list – hAckbar
If you have read my other reports you know this is not the first time I have played Jerry.  He is a great opponent and a lot of fun to play.  He had Advanced Gunnery (NOPE), Fleet Ambush, and Minefields (ehhhh).  I went for the high risk high reward Fleet Ambush.  If you go back to my Objective article I even say that I will pick it as I feel I can take advantage of it.  Well I deployed my ISD1 in the zone, my ISD2 behind it to the right.  I deployed hard on the right flank making Jerry either deploy in front of me, or skirt the obstructions and making my ships Obscured.  I deployed 4 squadrons to the right of my ISD1 and in boosted comms range of the ISD2, then deployed the last Interceptor and 4 Aces to the front left corner of my ISD1.  This was where I felt I really took advantage of the scenario.  He placed his MC80s in front of my ISD1 to my right, making sure he got side hull zone shots.  Then place the Salvation Neb in front of my ISD1 to the left.  I give my ISD1 3 Squadron Dials, and my ISD2 Squadron, Navigate, Squadron.  I am the first player, the ISD2 goes, the 4 TIE Interceptors in range of it hop the ISD1 land in front of rhymer and bomb the Neb taking out its shields.  Jerry goes with the Neb and has an engineering command and brings his shields back.  My ISD1 goes, the Aces and last TIE Interceptor bomb the Neb, then my front hull zone shoot it.  We ram and I end on the station to repair the damage.  Jerry unloads the 2 MC80s into it and we move to turn 2.  I make a mistake and activate the ISD2 first.  I bank my navigate, I have no shots and creep up the flank to the MC80s.  Salvation activates and hammers my ISD1.  I retaliate with squadrons and my front zone, destroying Salvation and then bump his first MC-80 while on the outpost.  Turn3 I support officer my ISD1 to 3 engineering as I realize I am going down.  I repair 1 shield and shunt 2 from the back to the front and open up on his MC80 and we bump.  He goes with his first MC80 shoots my ISD1 as my ISD2 is still out of range.  My ISD2 goes and I activate squadrons and increase speed hoping to jam up his other MC-80 on an asteroid, not so lucky.  Squadrons start peppering the front of the MC-80 and I put and Obstructed shot into it leaving it at 1 HP and 1 un-activated squadron in the front.  At this point he has no control points.  His second MC-80 goes and kills off the ISD1 and then moves in front of my ISD2.  Squadron phase, my lone TIE Interceptor rolls damage on his blue dice and I take down an MC-80.  After that we endlessly bump and I move my fighters with squadron commands. I force Jerry to choose if he wants to shoot my fighters or my ship as I was not in his side arcs.  Turn 6 my squadrons and ISD2 finally get it done and bring down the last MC-80 scoring a 9-1 MoV.  It was a fantastic game, and a really big gamble.  Below is a picture of our deployment.  I felt Jerry deployed into my “trap” but he felt it was the lesser of 2 evils I had presented to him.


Round 3 – The Mirror Match
I play David who is in the lead with MoV (damn bye) and running Screed ISD, Demolisher, Rhymer 3x Firesprays and 3x Aggressors.  I am going first and choose to play Superior Positions as I know I can win fighters and then get behind him and score Massive Victory Points.  He deploys his ISD on my Left and Demolisher on my Right.  Rhymer and the 3 Firesprays go to Demolisher and the 3 Aggressors protect the ISD.  I had deployed very central and at speed 1 with my TIEs in between my ships as I had to deploy everything first so was very cautious.  Set my dials to the typical Navigation, Squadron Squadron and off we go.  Bank Navs and move up, my squadrons re-position so the ISD1 on my Left can alpha his Rhymer ball.  David moves up and banks tokens as well and positions his squadrons in obstructions taking away Swarm and 1 dice.  Turn 2 I squadron the ISD1, and send Interceptors Howlrunner and Dengar into his Rhymer ball.  I get hot dice and kill Rhymer and heavily damage a Firespray.  He counters back with Demolisher and squadrons and loses a Firespray to Counter 4, but damages some Interceptors in the process.  My ISD2 goes and I sent in 2 more Interceptors and kill a Firespray, and then the other 2 go in on an Aggressor and I kill it.  So far the squadron war is heavily in my Favor.  He comes back with his ISD takes some long range shots and does some damage to my squadrons.  Round 3 I Support Officer the ISD1 for Nav, Squadrons, Engineering.  I go to Speed 3, take long range shots and get on the outpost, which forces David’s ISD to bump me while I own the Outpost.  David goes with Demolisher and is out of range, he does whatDemolisher and Engine Techs do and still is barely out of range of Motti’s ISD2 (that was close).  Motti goes, activates Squadrons, I kill his last Firespray and start hitting Demolisher in the back for Obejctive Tokens.  The ISD2 increases to Speed 2 to flank David’s ISD and get out of Demolisher range.  His ISD shoots my ISD1 and I take damage, and we bump.  The next turns I keep harassing Demolisher in the back, as well as finishing off squadrons, then my ISD1 gets killed before I activate him (Rookie Mistake) and I wind up killing Demolisher.  At this point we have 1 turn left.  I am able to double arc David’s ISD in the back scoring a total of 8 tokens to his 2, he activates and has no Attacks.  We tally points I win 330 to 162.  I get a MoV of 7-3.

I am sitting at a total of 24 and only 1 person can challenge me with a 10-0 and it doesn’t look like that will happen.  This was a really fun game and probably an ideal match up for my squadrons.   David was a great opponent and this was a real slog.  I felt delaying for two turns at speed 1 gave me the advantage to kill his squadrons and get the scenario pressure on.  David’s Demolisher was out of range a few times and that definitely swung the game in my favor.  Killing his Rhymer turn 2 was also a huge advantage.

The rest of the rounds end, final standings are calculated and I am announced the Victor.  I would like to thank Gamer’s Gambit CT for hosting the event and Jerry for running it.  Special shout out to Dano of IFF Podcast fame for coming down from Mass and Austin (Reinholdt) for coming up from NYC.  It was great to meet and hang out with you guys.

Cadets, this is a perfect example of where dojo (my squadron and support load out) and on the spot strategic thinking (Fleet Ambush verses Jerry) can really put you in a position to win games.  Keep practicing in the Sims, keep trying to new objectives and scenarios, and keep learning from past battles and you will go far.  The battles stay the same but the stakes get higher, on to Regionals we go.



5 thoughts on “3/26/2016 – Tournament Report

    1. Squadrons can be nasty on large ships but generally not nasty vs squadrons. My list can typically beat the squadron war and come out ahead which nets me extra Victory Points. If I can kill my enemies squadrons and only lose 3-4 stands myself, I can continue to harass there ships and enable my ships to kill their fleet. While bombers are very good they are very niche, even firesprays. I would rather have really powerful squadrons that can default back to a 50/50 blue die for damage roll.


    2. The blue dice is a 50/50 for damage on ships. So why go to a specialized unit like TIE Bombers or expensive units like Firesprays when I can just take swarms for the buffs. My squadrons still threaten ships while also dominating other squadrons.


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