A Humbling Experience


Today I come to you not with news of victory but with reports of hubris and losses.  Being deployed the Regional Long Island sector I engaged in some truly epic battles.  I was overconfident and under prepared.

I took the 2 ISD Fleet I have been posting about with 8 Squadrons.  This build has done me well in the past and I was very confident everything would be ok…. I was wrong.  I used my Bye from the store championship victory since I had other matters to attend in the wee hours of the morning.

My first opponent who’s name I forget, but I think was Steve, ran a MC-80, MC-30, Assault Frigate, 3x X-Wings and Jan Orrs Ackbar list.  I was second player, I choose to play Firelanes.  I lost.  I played like a fool.  I should have never picked that objective.  I also forgot how to deploy my fleet.  I made a lot of mistakes and “Steve” capitalized on them wholly.  I lost 0-10.

After that butt whopping I was in the mind frame of “If I can win 10-0, I can still top 4”.  I got to play Matt who ran an MC-80, 2 Assault Frigates, and A-wings Ackbar.  I chose Advanced Gunnery, hedging my bets, on being able to survive and power through.  Once again, I was wrong.  Sub-optimal deployment and tactics, handed Matt Motti’s ISD for no trade in response.  I played horrible and lost again, 0-10.

I played bad.  Plain and simple.  I said it a lot during my games, but what I did not say and should have was that my opponents played very well.  They capitalized on my mistakes and missed plays and took me to the woodshed for it.  The experience has made me question my fleet design and reevaluating pieces I have not really looked at.  I want to apologize to Matt and “Steve” for the levels of sodium chloride I was exhibiting during the games.  Also for not remembering “Steve”s real name which I think may actually be Steve.

So moving forward, how do we prevent this.  I have a few tips.

  1. Don’t play Diablo 3 till 2am – aka get a good nights rest.
  2. Practice, don’t turn down the opportunity to play a game
  3. Slow down – don’t rush into playing a bad objective.  Take your time.  Re-read them, and really sit and think about a strategy and tactic to win that objective.  Think about all possible actions and reactions.

I want to thank Brothers Grim Games in Selden, NY for hosting Armada Regionals.  I had a lot of fun in my 2 games despite the outcome and anytime I can see some of the Long Island friends is a good time for me.

That’s all for today cadets, double down on that sim training, we can not let these Rebels gain momentum.


edit** my first (second) round opponents name was Stephen.  I was close.


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